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Fire Safe Councils

What is a Local Fire Safe Council?

Local Fire Safe Councils can take many forms. Most are grassroots organizations founded to unite neighbors in reducing their wildfire risk. They do this through activities such as community workdays, improving communication among neighbors, and other programs to aid residents in preventing and recovering from fires. Fire Safe Councils can be as small and informal, incorporated 501(c)3 nonprofits, large organizations with paid staff, and anything in between.

Map of Fire Safe Councils

Solano County currently has three local Fire Safe Councils.

Green Valley Fire Safe Council

Pleasants Valley Fire Safe Council

Glen Cove Fire Safe Council

Start a Local FSC

There are many ways to start a Fire Safe Council:
  • It can be as simple: grab some neighbors, come up with a plan and a name, and get to work with your community!
  • Be more formal: follow a template, organize a board, incorporate as a 501(c)3 nonprofit.
  • …or anything in between! Some Fire Safe Councils are decades-old nonprofits with large budgets and paid staff. Others exist mostly for rural firefighting purposes.

Ultimately, a Fire Safe Council should reflect the needs of the community that forms it.

Solano Resource Conservation District has CAL FIRE funding to assist groups that are seeking to form local Fire Safe Councils. Please reach out to Karin Young ( for more information.


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