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Who We Are

The Solano Fire Safe Council is a community organization focused on bringing local interests together for improved wildfire preparedness, protection, and recovery. 

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Solano Fire Safe Council includes, but is not limited to:

  • FIRE-ADAPTED COMMUNITIES: Helping create and sustain fire-adapted communities;

  • EDUCATION: Supporting outreach and public education on community wildfire resilience, response, and recovery;

  • STEWARDSHIP: Promoting hazardous vegetation management and beneficial fire practices that support ecological function, climate resiliency, and address historical management issues, including maintaining the area’s agricultural and economic viability;

  • VEGETATION MANAGEMENT: Assessing fire risk and working with fire agencies on hazardous fuels reduction efforts;

  • RESPONSE: Supporting safe and effective fire response in Solano County; and

  • RECOVERY: Supporting sustainable post-fire recovery for both communities and landscapes.

Our Mission…

The mission of the Solano Fire Safe Council is to promote fire resiliency within the county by providing a forum for communication, collaboration, and education.

How We Accomplish This

  • PLANNING: Promoting community fire-safe planning and coordination including local risk assessments;

  • CWPP: Contributing to the development, update, and implementation of the Solano County Community Wildfire Protection Plan;

  • ENGAGEMENT: Supporting fire-related community groups such as local Fire Safe Councils, Prescribed Burn Associations, and Firewise Communities;

  • COMMUNITY: Empowering Solano County residents to be ready for wildfire; and

  • GRANTS: Seeking available funding for proposed and approved wildfire resiliency projects to make Solano County safer from wildfires.


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